Veterans Programs

Everything about today's experience was amazing.  From Sarah instructing and demonstrating the steps of earning a mustangs trust, to apply those skill to the practicality of every day life.  I will definitely return and have my family experience this.  Thank you so much for taking the time to show us veterans what more is out there in the country life."


Veterans Retreat

In partnership with 22s Militia, we invite veterans to come out to the ranch to experience the horses.  They will learn a variety of exercises to develop skillsets that are aimed to assist their everyday lives.  They will learn safety, leadership, relationship building, emotional control, and more extremely important skill sets.  This retreat is aimed to help veterans work through their challenges and gain confidence in themselves.

This program is currently looking for sponsors.

Women Warriors

In partnership with Our Heroes Dreams, female veterans come out to the ranch to work with our mustangs.  They learn extremely important skillsets to help them heal from emotional trauma.  This is aimed to help them work through their challenges and control their emotions to better help them in their everyday lives.
 This program is currently sponsored by Full House Ministries. 

Veterans Wood Cutting

The R I D E Foundation and Our Heroes Dreams have teamed up for this multi-faceted program.  This programs removes dead oak trees from the horse trails to provide firewood for elderly veterans.
 This program is sponsored by Corporal Ron Mitchell, 1st Battalion fifth Marine Regiment the first Marine division

Recovery in the Wild

Combining Our Heroes Dreams' retreat with The R I D E Foundation's equine program, Recovery in the Wild aims at helping First Responders, Peace Officers, and Veterans in recovery from traumatic experiences. This program utilizes at risk horses to teach a specific skill set to assist people with managing issues related to PTSD, social anxieties, as well as emotional and developmental disorders. This is a program that takes our heroes out into the backcountry and allows them time with the group for rehabilitation and recovery.

Program Sponsor

"When former Navy SEAL John B. Allen–better known to his podcast and Youtube followers as MrBallen– spins a tale online about the strange dark and mysterious, he knows that at the heart of each story he tells are real people whose real lives have often been shattered by crime or violence.

And his audience knows it too. “I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me asking if there is something they can do to help victims and families.”

Founded in 2022–The MrBallen Foundation is MrBallen’s way to honor this impulse among his followers, and give back to survivors a portion of the money he earns by telling their stories." 

The MrBallen Foundation graciously chose The RIDE Foundation as a recipient of a $10,000 grant in November 2022.  

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