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22s Militia

22 Veterans commit suicide per day.

22's Militia represents a rallying of Veterans in the hopes of creating an atmosphere where we can relax and be open with each other about our lives, our struggles and successes.

We still have your back!

All Veterans are welcome!

We got your six

We partner with this organization on programs for veterans.  Their members come to the ranch once a month and work with our mustangs.

Our Heroes Dreams

This organization is comprised of former military, as well as those that would like to volunteer their time.  They help warriors and their families accomplish their dreams that they wouldn't be able to accomplish due to disabilities or experiences.  

We partner with them on our Recovery in the Wild Program and a Veterans Program at the ranch once a month.

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We serve the population affected by gun violence (active actors and likely victims, often one and the same) by providing transformational opportunities and placing them in a high touch, personalized fellowship in order to help develop and heal the lives of those affected the most. Our main intention is to help reduce firearm violence in the city of Fresno by 10%. If the program reduces the number of shootings by just 11 incidences it will save the city $9,509,742. Advance Peace Fresno will help place 70% of its cohort members in job training or educational assistance. 50% of those who complete Fresno EOC VAC’s curriculum will look to gain full-time employment within 90 days of graduating.
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Event Partners


As a venue, eatery, and cocktail lounge, The Wakehouse brings together live music and great dining to offer a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience right on the banks of the Kings River. We make a variety of your favorite American eats with our own bistro-style twist, and when it comes to good brews, we never tap out.

The Wakehouse brings their coffee and lemonade trailer and BBQ to our Operation Hug a Horse & Family Craft Day events.

Sugar Pine Crafts & Creations
Sugar Pine Crafts and Creations was started by Tyler and his daughter, Amelia.  Tyler has always been a woodworker, builder, and all around tradesman.  He lived in Shaver Lake for a while working with mainly sugar pine wood that was devastated by the bark beetle.  They process this wood into usable lumber for craft projects, siding, etc (non-structural).  
SPCC comes out to many of our events and donates a portion of their proceeds back to the R I D E Foundation.
Foothill Training
Foothill Training is located in Squaw Valley, CA (93675) and holds concealed carry permit classes, gun handling/safety, CCW renewals, and law enforcement training.  They are owned and operated by a veteran and his wife.  Steve is a world renowned instructor and has many qualification and certifications as well as years of experience, including SWAT.  
Foothill Training is hosts our shooting tournaments and Steve also volunteers his expertise and time to be our range master.
Backcountry Horsemen of Ca

Backcountry Horsemen of California is a branch of the Backcountry Horsemen in 26 states!  They aim to educate people on the "pack it in, pack it out" mentality, cleaning our trails, campsites, forest, and meadows, to help people understand why livestock and horses are important to the backcountry, among other important topics. 

The Backcountry Horsemen of CA have invited us to their rendezvous to give demonstrations on gentling wild mustangs and a booth space. Stay tuned for their next event!

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